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BMW X5 X6 Android10 /11 Car Stereo Display Replacement Upgrade Retrofit

Short Description:

* It is a direct display upgrade for BMW X5 F15 X6 F16 NBT & EVO with original OEM 10.25inch screen, no need reprogramming or coding and cutting cables.

Product Description
- Our direct display upgrade is compatible with BMW X5 F15, X6 F16 NBT and EVO with original OEM 10.25 inch screen.
- No need to reprogram, code or cut cables.
- Retain the original radio functions, including rear view camera, radar, steering wheel control, iDrive knob control, etc.
- Both systems work on the car, allowing easy switching between Android and original.
- Versatile and fully laminated 10.25″ or 12.3″ screens enhance auto radio performance and enjoyment.

- Enjoy the benefits of Android technology directly on your BMW screen.
- Enhance your driving experience with advanced features such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and entertainment options.
- No need to replace the entire BMW system, saving you money and time.

- Positive customer reviews and feedback.

- Order now and enjoy the benefits of an upgraded BMW screen with Android compatibility.




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It is specially made for BMW X5 F15 X6 F16 NBT and EVO system with 6Pin LVDS

BMW X5/X6  F15 F16 2014-2017 NBT system

BMW X5 G05 X6 G06 2018- EVO system

10.25inch and 12.3inch screen fit both LHD and RHD BMW X5 X6 F15 F16.

10.25inch HD IPS LCD screen (resolution: 1280*480 or 1920*720) or 12.3inch HD IPS LCD screen ( resolution: 1920*720).

BMW ID8 ID7 ID6 ID5 UI is available for choice in settings.

Introducing the newest addition to your BMW dashboard - Android BMW Screen! Equipped with a 10.25-inch HD IPS LCD screen or a 12.3-inch HD IPS LCD screen, the device will deliver stunning clarity and resolution, 1280*480 or 1920*720. Now you can bring all the convenience and functionality of your Android phone directly to your rides.

One of the main features of Android BMW Screen is its ability to support split-screen and PIP (picture-in-picture) technology. With multitasking, you can run two apps at the same time, keeping your navigation and music apps on-screen at the same time. In addition, Android system functions include Android navigation, touch screen, Android music and video, CarPlay and Android Auto, Android Bluetooth calling and Bluetooth music, USB port, SD card and Android application installation.

Driving can be stressful, but thanks to the Android BMW screen you can have all the essential functions in one place, making your driving experience more efficient and enjoyable. Plus, built-in A2DP and hands-free calling enable secure communication on the road. You can even transfer phonebook information with an alphabetic name search, making it easy to stay in touch while minimizing possible distractions.

The Android BMW Screen is designed to blend seamlessly into your BMW X5, delivering powerful and reliable performance to enhance your driving experience. The Android BMW screen is also equipped with Android BMW GPS, giving you access to high-quality navigation software to ensure you reach your destination safely and efficiently.

With Android BMW CarPlay, you can finally conveniently use your favorite iPhone apps in your BMW, such as Music, Messages and even Siri! The Android BMW Screen provides the ultimate integration for all your iOS and Android devices, making it the perfect upgrade for any BMW owner looking to simplify their navigation and entertainment system.

In conclusion, Android BMW Screen is a must-have for any BMW owner who wants to enhance his driving experience with advanced technology and convenience. With its many features, including a crisp high-definition IPS LCD screen, multitasking capabilities and seamless integration with Android and iOS devices, the Android BMW Screen is truly the ultimate solution for any BMW driver wishing to drive. next level. Upgrade your driving experience with the Android BMW screen now!

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  • 1. Android 10 / 11 OS.

    2. CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon (8953M), Octa-core A53(1.8GHz) ,14nmLPP process or Snapdragon 662,Octa Core A73(2GHz)+ A53(1.8GHz), 11nmLPP process.

    3. 4GB RAM +64GB ROM | 6GB RAM+128GB ROM | 8GB RAM+256GB ROM.

    4. LG 10.25inch IPS screen resolution: 1920*720 or 1280*480, 12.3inch IPS LCD Screen resolution: 1920*720 .

    5. Capacitive 10.25inch or 12.3inch G+G touchscreen.

    6. Wifi: Support 2.4G b/g/n; 5G a/g/n/ac.

    7. Bluetooth 4.1/5.0+ BR/EDR+BLE.

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