Hi, so how would I update the device if needed? Am assuming there bluetooth music streaming and phone so if connected I can use both? Dose the Bluetooth on the original idrive still visible? Will I be able to use the mic on the car? Dose this come with DAB radio? I don't have sav nav so will it have signal if I use sav nav on this device? In term of Internet connection, how would it connect? Using my phone? If so do I have to turn on hot-spot? And do I have to do it every time I turn on the car?

Thank you. Hope to hear from you

Yes, you can use bluetooth music streaming and phone after connected. and the bluetooth on the original system still works. you will be able to use the mic

on the car. it dont come with DAB radio, you need to buy a USB DAB dongle seperately.

yes, it will have gps signal if you use sat navi, it has navigation system in android system.

you can connect the internet by using your phone via hotspot, you dont need to do it everytime when you turn car on, it will momerize your moblie hotspot and connect it automatically.


No audio or sound after installation of android screen on Mercedes Benz C GLC 2014-2018 year .

There is no sound on android? It is wiring or setting problem.  please double check the setting guide, No.3 and cable connection No.1.

1. check if optic cables are relocated from original plug to android one .

https://youtu.be/v3aBtKBVrjo  --- Video to show how to relocate optic cables.

2. then you can set "AUX Switching mode - Manual " in android factory setting, code is 2018, please check guide No4.

https://youtu.be/6iieNn_cwT4  --- Video to show how to set AUX Switching mode to “Manual” for sound.

3. if manual AUX switching mode have sound,  you can check No.3.2 to set correct AUX Position 1 and Automatic AUX Switching mode in factory setting.

please check it and guide.

If it fit Mercedes G-63? Why there is no sound or audio after installation of Mercedes Benz G class android screen NTG4.5 , such as G63 G350 G500.

Yes It fit your car 2014 mercedes benz G-63 AMG, we have installed the same car model before.


the sound problem is on wiring or setting, and we also have encountered such case before from other G class buyer.

for wiring problem: please double check the optic cables relocation to make sure it is relocated correctly and fully.

please check the following video:  https://youtu.be/v3aBtKBVrjo  --- Video to show how to relocate optic cables.


settings:  in android factory settings, code:2018, please set the AUX switching mode to  manual:https://youtu.be/6iieNn_cwT4  --- Video to show how to set AUX Switching mode to “Manual” for sound.

if your car does not have AUX , need to activate the Aux in factory setting first.

if you want AUX switing automatically, please check the setting guide No3.5, in this part, need to pay attention to choose correct AUX position.

the setting guide No.3 has detailed instruction and photos on android no sound problem,  please double check it.

1. Music, radio and video all have sound. Only navigation does not. I even adjusted settings on gps menu but still no sound. The pdf manual does not mention anything about this and is not helpful.
2. I tried all the ui menus. This is the only one that works well. Why is it different? Have you seen the menu I sent?
3. Bluetooth does not show device menu. It is blank so I can't search for devices. Which USB should I use? The OEM which comes.with the car or the USB cable dongle that comes with the unit? I didn't install it because I didn't think its necessary because I have factory oem USB.

1.The navigation sound  come out from left front speaker when there is voice guidance,  we tested it before shipping, it works.

Please check the system setting -volume .

2. Yes, I see your UI type, it is one UI inside factory setting, It should be operation problem ,   you can choose other UIs such as ID5 ID 6ID7, after choose UI ,

need to wait a while and  restart car, or press reset button behind screen,  then it will show up.

3. you cant match bluetooth ? that is strange, every unit bluetooth is tested. please double check the user manual about bluetooth, if cant work,  please take a short video for our checking.

after bluetooth connection, need to connect android USB ,not original OEM USB.


how to download contacts from the address book?

After bluetooth connection,  need to choose " Sync contacts  " on mobile phone,  then choose "Refresh" on menu, it will download contacts to screen from phone.

What is the difference between 10.25inch and 8.8inch screen ? if we can use 8.8inch screen.

The main difference between 10.25inch and 8.8inch is on the screen and touch screen,  in fact , 8.8inch screen is a little expensive than 10.25inch.

it is original IPS screen, touchscreen is the same price also. so the cost is the same.  Some models cant use 8.8inch screen as it has more limited space to make design for interior PCBA.

8.8inch screen looks more like OEM high version screen after installation.

When mobile is connected via bluetooth in order to hear music, can song selection etc. done via device or do I need to serve mobile anyhow directly?

You can select songs on device directly , thanks

OEM factory radio menu is not showing correctly or flashing

1. Ensure cable connect is correct, optic fiber cable needs to be switched if  there is, if no fiber caboe, igore it, lvds and power harness plug firmly

2.In android setting-factory settings-car display, password: 2018, please choose Cartype one by one according to the original radio system such as CCC, CIC, NBT or NTG4.0, NTG4.5, NTG5 , not car models until OEM radio display correct.

https://youtu.be/a6yyMHCwowo  --- Video to show how to select Cartype for BMW

https://youtu.be/S18XlkH97IE  --- Video to show how to select Cartype for Benz

Carplay connection issue

1. Please delete/disconnect phone Bluetooth record first (such as oem radio bluetooth, watch etc), turn on phone WIFI, pair Bluetooth to android Bluetooth only, it will go to carplay menu(phonelink in menu or zlink in app)

*when use carplay, Bluetooth menu shows closed, also android WIFI is turn off. it is correct, refer to https://youtu.be/SqNyvvn4Jjw

2. still not work, try to re-install z-link, refer to https://youtu.be/VNEE3Yd6VKo

Rear Camera no display, shows no signal

1. If it is OE camera, just need to choose "OEM camera" in camera type in android setting(System->Camera Selection->OEM Camera).

2. If it is aftermarket camera, need to choose "aftermarket camera" in camera type in android setting , BMW manual gear car need to go into factory setting to change it from Automatic to Manual.

For wiring aftermarket camera, check camera connection in the paper in the package.(bmw manual and automatic gearbox wiring is different)

3. for Benz cars If still not work: please try all option in Factory setting->Vehicle->gear Selection-gear 1, 2, 3 to check which one makes the camera work

4. For AHD camera, it only support HD1920*720 screen, not support SD1280*480 screen, and needs to choose camera resolution such as 720*25 in android factory setting for camera resolution.