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ugode car DVD player use Android operating system by ARM CPU, which bring good processing rate and touch experience. let's in introduce the car DVD player system.

Since the first ARM®-based Android demoed in February 2008, the uptake of Android in the mobile world has been phenomenal! 
Over 100 million ARM powered Android devices shipped!
Over 300 ARM powered certified Android devices available!
Over 400,000 ARM powered Android devices being activated daily! 
If you are looking to develop Android products, using the ARM architecture brings you the ultimate time to market advantage.

Widest range of production certified SoC solutions
Android is optimized out of the box for ARM
ARM optimized Native Applications 
The ARM architecture serves at the standard development, test and deployment architecture for the Android platform.  With a wide array of processor options, ARM enables Android devices to meet a spectrum of performance, power and functional requirements while retaining the platform and application compatibility that makes Android such a powerful force in computing. 

Android on ARM will ensure your device will deliver the maximum performance, efficiency, and user experience. 

Platform Advantage 
The Android platform makes extensive use of the ARM instruction set and many of the architecture’s unique features to deliver maximum performance, power efficiency and user experience.  Android optimizations for ARM include:

Many of Android’s 6,300 C & 4,900 C++ files include ARM optimizations
20,000 lines, about 28% of the Bionic libraries are ARM assembler
WebM includes 10,000 lines of ARM NEON™ assembler
The Dalvik application framework and V8 Javascript engine both include native ARM Just-In-Time (JIT) compilers
ARM NEON optimizations are used throughout Android packages, including Skia, Chrome, Surfaceflinger and many others
Application Advantage 
The ARM architecture and the open nature of the Android platform have given rise to a diverse ecosystem of developer materials, tools and application middleware.  Android application developers today employ a range of technologies that extensively target the ARM architecture, including: 

Flexible language and tool support
C/C++, Java, HTML5
Extensive reusable existing code and IP
A broad range of 3rd party application middleware 
Many of the top applications in today’s marketplace directly or indirectly employ native ARM code.  These applications exclusively target ARM and include:

3D graphics applications using OpenGL ES 2.0
Media players
VoIP clients
Android Native Developer Kit (NDK) 
The NDK enables developers wishing to use C, C++ or ARM assembly code in their applications.  The NDK is invaluable for delivering OpenGL ES 2.0 3D content, optimal performance sensitive code, third party libraries and reusable software IP cross-platform.  

Partner Advantage 
The ARM Solution Center for Android (SCA) is a centralized resource for the wide range of companies and individuals innovating with the Android on the ARM architecture. Connected Community members come together to share their Android expertise, solutions and services.

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