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Something about Can bus

When purchasing car dvd player, you may have a question: Should I buy the car dvd gps with canbus or not? Today, let's talk something about Can bus.


Controller¨Carea network (CAN or CAN-bus) is a vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer.


CAN is a message based protocol, designed specifically for automotive applications but now also used in other areas such as industrial automation and medical equipment.


For the car dvd player,we need the can bus to make the original information work,such as used for transmission, airbags, antilock braking, cruise control, audio systems, windows, doors, mirror adjustment, etc.And the main function to make the steering wheel control work after we replace the car dvd player to the cd player,and to make the original lcd or the car information working as original.


So, when you purchase car dvd gps from us, please make sure if you require can bus.

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