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Greeting Auto China 2012 in Beijing

Auto China 2012 opens today,23rd April 2012.The subject of this fair is "innovation and span".The subject says that global automotive industry are developing to the direction of technology,green energy and green energy.This show is as the most previous show due to the more cars on fair and the bigger exhibiton area and the great quantity of the line-up cars.
According to organizers, from the scale point of view, this show the total exhibition area of 230,000 square meters, setting a new record of the exhibition on the history. Meanwhile, exhibitors are from Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Sweden, the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, China and other 14 countries and regions. Multinational auto companies of the international and domestic automobile manufacturers all registered for the exhibition, the most striking is the auto show with a large number of world start line-up car. Multinational world premiere, the first time in Asia the number of new cars greatly enhance the important position of Auto China 2012 as an international A class auto show.
According to Dong Yang, head of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said that the current world car ownership for thousands of 140, but car ownership in China is less than half of the world, China's auto market has great potential. China's auto production in 2015 should reach close to 30 million and 40 million in 2020. Therefore, the major car firms are very optimistic about the Chinese market, and is actively preparing for the investment. However, though with huge potential since last year to the present has been under the influence of exit policies to stimulate consumption of China's automobile production and sales speed dropped to 10%, much lower than the growth rates of 46% in 2009. Most people says that China's auto industry is into the winter. Analysts expect China's auto market demand growth of only the single digits, the last two years is the lowest growth rate for two years since the late 1990s, China's auto market to take off. 22, the world-renowned consulting firm JD Power released the latest report said the slowdown in the macro-economic trends and a variety of industry factors resulting in decreased dealer profit. The same time, Dong Yang's view, China's auto industry such as "environmental, safety, traffic problems, production is not enough focus."
In this regard, the Ministry of Industry Department of Industrial Policy inspector Lee Miles points out that the downstream production and marketing in the revitalization plan policy to stop the implementation of the downward trend, in line with the policy is expected in the support of the rigid demand, the downward trend is still
controllable.Solve the problem of sustainable development, Lee Miles recommended that the auto industry restructuring, to do a good job building their own brands, and promote merger and reorganization of tasks, the formation of a number of internationally competitive large group.

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