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ugode new product Android 4.4/6.0 System 2016 Suzuki Baleno Car Multimedia GPS Player

ugode new product Android 4.4/6.0 System 2016 Suzuki Baleno Car Multimedia GPS Player

The latest Suzuki Baleno 2016 is a new good quality, affordable car.Now we produce a new Suzuki Baleno Multimedia GPS Player ,let’s introduce it .

Like the Vitara, the Baleno surprises you, in a good way, from the moment you get behind the wheel.

Under the bonnet of the GLX Turbo model we tested is a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine (dubbed 'Boosterjet by Suzuki) that produces 82kW and 160Nm and is paired with a CVT automatic. Which may not sound like much on paper but because the Baleno weighs just under 1000kg the little engine gets the Baleno moving swiftly for a small car.

There is some turbo lag from low down in the rev range but once the turbocharger kicks in the Baleno pulls strongly and has no trouble keeping up with traffic.

It also makes a pleasing noise for a three-cylinder. While some of these triples can sound rough, particularly at idle, (including Suzuki's own Celerio) the Baleno's Boosterjet sounds as refined as any three-cylinder.

It's not just the engine that impresses, as Suzuki has also done a good job on the chassis and suspension tuning. The Baleno is responsive to driver inputs and its light steering makes it easy to zip in and out of traffic and when parking. That feeling is also helped by the high seating position that gives you an SUV-like view out across the bonnet for excellent visibility.

The ride is comfortable too, most of the time, with only sharp edge bumps disturbing the occupants.

One of the biggest technical advances is the introduction of an all-new five-link rear suspension system that represents a major change in the pick-up sector.

A particular highlight is the seven-inch colour touchscreen in the centre of the dash that controls the infotainment system. It is split into four intuitive quadrats, similar to Ford's SYNC, that allow you to deal with the key functions including audio, navigation and a paired smartphone.UGO will provide new Suzuki Baleno Multimedia GPS player for global market .

Suzuki Baleno Multimedia GPS player has many functions .It not only Audio and Video player ,but also is a GPS Navigation.More advantages for Suzuki Baleno Multimedia GPS player :

1. Stable android software and hardware.

2. Brand quality raw materials adopted.

3. Car gauge radio NXP6686, DAB+ option.

4. Original FOG TFT LCD screen with high resolution 1024*600.

5. 6 bands EQ setting, very good audio performance.
6. BT module with anti-echo IC, external MIC option.
7. CE/EMARK/Rohs certification, high quality!.
8. Standard harness, full accessories with RCA cable, external WIFI antenna.

Welcome to try our Suzuki Baleno Multimedia GPS player .